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Best Call Center Solution

XtoreApp is the only best Call Center Solution, located in India. We all know that after China, India is the second cost effective country, i.e., the labour charge and the operation expanses are comparatively very less than any other developed countries. So if you go for XtoreApp money is what you save. Most importantly what makes us unique is that we keep a regular check with the quality of our calls, through the SLAs, KPAs and matrix provided by you. What makes XtoreApp the best call center Solution is that they hire best agents with neutral accent, and there is a quality Auditor who regularly monitor the call-quality.

We also have six sigma certified people who continuously work on the project to optimize it and make the process better more than you can imagine. XtoreApp team is undisputed best Call Center Solution which no one has beat till now regarding the matrix provided by the client.

XtoreApp team works day and night, and they are 24X7 service provider all at our helpline, and will get a instant response. We are not only limited in quick response, but also works on how to keep the AHT ( Average Handling Time) as less as possible, this is what help us to get more clients, because the less will be AHT less will be the operation cost over VOIP. Being the best Call Center Solution is not an option for us but it’s our choice to remain at the top of the list.